No Exit

No Exit
June 15, 2004
The striking and criminally underrated Tricorn Centre in Portsmouth (designed by Owen Luder and Rodney Gordon, 1966). In 2001 the Tricorn was voted by Radio 4 listeners as "The Most Hated Building in the UK". With its future in question, Jonathan Meades reflected:"You don't go knocking down Stonehenge or Lincoln Cathedral. I think buildings like the Tricorn were as good as that. They were great monuments of an age." In 2004 it was finally demolished, to be replaced for the subsequent decade by a ground-level open-air car park. This shot was taken in June 2004, during the early stages of its demolition. In March 2014, "No Exit” was featured in the "Tricorn: Controversy in Concrete?" exhibition at Portsmouth City Museum. Timed to coincide with the tenth anniversary of its demolition, the exhibition explores the story of the Tricorn and the people who used it. In January 2015 the photos collected for the exhibition were recorded in a (now defunct) website, — The Tricorn Centre — Owen Luder & Rodney Gordon for The Owen Luder Partnership — Opened 1966, demolished 2004 — Portsmouth, UK